g200 tv/dvd upgrade

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Has anyone seen the dvd/tv upgrade for the g200 marvel for sale anywhere in the uk and do they actually have the stock.

I think it has been officially released in europe now but have not seen it anywhere
Regards tez

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Hi Tez,
I spent ages looking for it without success the best I got was "perhaps the end of April"

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Matrox,

I remember the problems I had getting a Marvel in the first place, and then I believe it no AGP cards were available over X-mas. I find harassing Matrox customer services helps (by email of course), they do spin you a few lines but about 'why' but will at least tell you 'when'.

I apologise for any sarcasm but I don't have much time for Matrox as a company, even if there products are good.