Getting 'quick play' via mp4/ 3gp

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OK I think I'm most of the way there but I'm stuck.

I've got:
- A web server with apache and a public facing IP full of all my MP4, MP3 and 3GP files.
- A neat little p910i from sony ericsson (like a p900)
- A bluetooth to broadband/ GPRS web connection between them.

I can download the files and then play them fine when they are fully downloaded.

Is there a way (html command maybe?) to get the file to quick play like they have on Three for the media. (they have two download options - quick or save & play)

Thanks guys/gals

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This could be tricky. For example I am working with a similar setup, and connecting to a link to an MP3 on my server from my PC results in the file being played before it is fully downloaded (happens to be associated with QuickTime). With a soon to be released Microsoft CE based phone exactly the same link (just a normal link to the MP3 on the server) results in the whole file being downloaded before it starts to play (Windows Media).

If you were to run the Real streaming server (Helix) then that should work in the way you want (assuming that you have a RealPlayer client running on your client device).

Quite honestly, GPRS right now struggles to match 56k dialup for speed, so streaming at good quality is likely to be difficult. Not that it is not worth trying - particularly with video where you can drop the image size and/or frame rate and still get something usable. Audio is more difficult in this respect.