getting rid of time and date imprint on wedding video

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I have a short intrution by inprinted date and time in a vital clip. Does anyone have experience in removing this. I have access to Adobe after effects6 or Photoshop 7. I know absolutly nothing about using after effects.

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there is a 'bug' or 'dog' remover addon for virtualdub.

it does it's best to remove logo's etc without making it look too weird.

you could of course overlay a new logo over the top , or pictures of bride/groom , flowers , just something to 'hide' the annoyance.

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Thanks Gary
will try the overlay first, and move onto the more invoved methods if all elkse fails.
Let u know how I get on.

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Was the c;ip recorded on DV or miniDV ?

If so the date/time stamp can be removed as it is only recorded on one of the tape tracks, not on the picture track or on frame.

Try just switching off the time/date whilst playing back.

If it was recorded on an analog format, thats a different matter.

One way I did it in the past, but thankfully only once, was to use the motion effect within premiere to zoom in just past the time stamp.

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With MSP you could use the clone tool in video paint. Don't know if there's something similar in Adobe. Is there a crop FX in your NLE?