Got a scanner that won't work under Win XP or 2K. Check out this software!!!

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Here's an email that I've just sent off to Ed Hamrick, the author of VueScan (and a print enhancement program called VuePrint. Buy one and you get the other one free).

His home page is at:

I'd like to think the email is self explanatory.

As you can see, I'm rather grateful to Ed.

Oh, I'll be copying this one over into the FAQ forum, and trying to update it as I find out from other users who else has got Ed to thank for being able to use a valued scanner under Win2K and XP.

Bob C
A Thanksgiving thank you from the UK.

A little late, I know, but I didn't know I had to send it to you until an hour ago.

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you HUGELY for V7.2.9 of VueScan!!!

Nikon appears to have abandoned users of the LS-20 and the only way that I'd been able to use my LS-20 was to have my Windows XP PC set up for dual-boot (between XP and 98SE), and to boot into 98SE.

In truth, I don't do a huge amount of film scanning and, anyway, having to boot into 98SE is no big deal.

It's just that XP is better in almost every way, and having to go into 98SE has now become a bit of a chore.

I'd pretty much abandoned hope a few months ago of using the Nikon under Win2K, never mind XP, but tonight, I remembered that a former columnist for our magazine - Dr Alan Solomon - had recommended the software (in the mag, and to me personally), and that I had a licensed copy.

I downloaded the latest version, followed the instructions on your site about XP and, BINGO, I'm scanning with the Nikon again, even though the scanner is NOT properly recognised within Windows XP's Device Manager!! Amazing.

I don't know how many other people are going to be caught out the way I was but, frankly, I doubt whether very many of them will realise that they can dual-boot a PC, so they will find themselves in the positon of having to buy a new scanner (yes, XP will have advised them there was a problem beforehand, but, hey, people aren't sensible, are they?).

I can see your software saving a lot of people a lot of money - given that an equivalent replacement for an LS-20 is not cheap. Yet, at US$40, VueScan most certainly is!

And, of course, I suspect that users of the LS-20 aren't going to be the only people to find that your software rescues them, at least judging by your scanner compatibility list at:

Again, very many thanks.



Bob Crabtree
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