A guide to digital photography DVD

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i do not know if this is too basic for the members here, i have just picked this up from another site.

A guide to digital photography

photo-i (in association with Canon) is producing a series of DVDs. The first (getting started) is aimed at the first time digital user. This DVD, which is optimised for TV viewing, contains a series of assignments shot on location exclusively for this DVD. It shows the viewer in a user-friendly way how to get the best results from their digital camera.

The pictures are manipulated in Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 (subsequent DVDs, available from 2006, will use Photoshop CS2). The manipulations are in the form of a fully animated screen movie, this enables the viewer to see the manipulations taking place in real time. Each assignment lasts for more than 12 minutes inclusive of the screen tutorial video and to-camera dialogue.

Running time: 2 hrs, 20 mins.
Language: English
Format : DVD video PAL – 4:3, optimised for TV viewing
Publisher: photo-i
ISB-10: 0-9552062-0-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-9552062-0-7
Price: GB£ 14.99
Availability: Via the web at photo-i.co.uk

Might be worth a look, espcially as a CS2 user.


Michael Renn
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Thanks Willow, I`m sure that these DVD`s will be useful to quite a few of the forum members.
Just a quick note to say that if any forum members haven`t already visited "photoi" its certainly worth a visit, and some of their reviews are first rate.

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I bought "Nikon D200 made easy DVD" off eBay, this DVD is specific to the Nikon D200, being new to any SLR type of camera and I saw it as a fast track to using such a camera.

The camera work and sound recording in this DVD production is first class and they get the message across very well, i think they have various other titles for sale on ebay.