The Guide Frame

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tom hardwick
Joined: Apr 8 1999

I've come across some VX2000/PD150 owners who wonder what the guide frame is and what it's for.
Just thought I'd post my reply here.

In your menu you can call up the Viewfinder set/Guideframe, and toggle 'yes'. What happens is you get a rectangle drawn 1/3rd in and 1/3rd down from the edge of the frame. Now say you were filming a running man. You need to give him ictorial 'space' within the frame and if you position him
a third the way across the frame he has 2/3rds to 'run into' even if you pan with him. See what I mean?

Same applies to interviewees. If you place them at the sweet third they have 'looking room'. Same with the horizon. Ideally this shouldn't boringly cross the centre of the frame - it should either be at the upper or lower third. Hey presto - marked out for you by those nice people at Sony.

Lots of footage I see is slightly on the wonk. Telegraph poles or the horizon is off by 3 degrees. With the guide frame turned on this is immediately noticeable as you film.