Hands up if you think the Kenny translator is wearing thin!

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I think I've seen enough now! and am sick and tired of copying and pasting!

The only thing I find interesting about this whole little Java thing now is what the 'hell' is the creator going on about in his easter eggs ( http://www.dvdoctor.net/cgi-bin/ubb/Forum29/HTML/000026.html )..... I've seen little bits left in code before, but usually with some meaning, ermm whats all that about? steggles eh?

Never mind, from such brilliance has to come a certain amount of eccentricism. If I had the time or patience to code something like this I'm sure I would have left a Hidy Ho! Mr Hankey turd easter egg lurking in the midst among this lot!

Any way, nuff mmffppffppfpfpfpf shite!


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Thanks Tim. I've given up on it now as well. As a joke, it's nice, but life's too short to do all that cut 'n pasting, I've got better things to do, like avoiding my boss.

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Yes, way too much Kenny,
nowhere near enough Cathy Barry, lets get the balance right...

So long Suckas !!!

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FTOFYDK, the Easter Egg is the name of the Kenny Translator. If you translate mffpmp you get the letters "ik". If you translate ik back into Kenny-speak you get a strangely long translation. Translate that back in to normal text, and you get the Easter Egg message. (right click and do 'view source' and you'll see some others).

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Fmmppfpffpffffm Fmpmffppm, mmmfmm Mff'fpmmpp pmmfmffmmfmp pffmppmmmpmfmfffmmmppmpm fppmfpmmmfmp fmpmfpmfffmm mfffmm mmmpmfpmf mmmmmpppffmffmp, mfffmp fmmfmfpffmpp mfpmmmfmmppp'fmp fppppfpffppp fmpmfpmffppp ppfppp ppmmpp ffmmppfmp!

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ppmmpp fmpppfppf!

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Need one say more?