Has anyone tried QuickTime 6 and MPEG 4?

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As a big fan of Apple QuickTime I have been interested in the new release of version 6. Has anyone tried it?

I know it is early days but I suspect MPEG4 will be the next ‘big thing’ particularly as more people go broad band. QT6 seems a good way of getting into the technology.

Are there any improvements on the QT format codecs? I use Sorenson 3 for a lot of encoding which I find excellent.

I am in the middle of an important job at the moment so I do not want to try the trial version until I have finished.

Any observations would be read with interest.



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Hi Martin,

I have looked at it a lot on the mac, trouble is, it doesn't sit comfortably with FCP3 or Avid Xpress DV, so have had to revert to version 5.

However, MPEG-4 is very good, as near as damn it to Sorenson Video 3 Pro and the same file size. Encoding is also slightly faster with MPEG-4.

The new audio codec is VERY good, I prefer it to any MP3 compression I have used.

I wouldn't swap over if you are in the middle of a project, just in case, and don't forget that most people won't have QT6 player yet anyway!

Hope that helped a little bit...

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My initial impression of MPEG 4 is that it is significantly better than the Sorenson 3 codec included in Quicktime 5. But that's only my opinion ... try it for yourself, if you don't mind paying another £25 for Quicktime 6 Pro.

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I presume you are talking about Sorenson Video 3? I am talking about Sorenson Video 3 PRO.

There is a significant difference between the two...

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