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Mr Impact
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Hi, Ive added a 2 minute HD edit of some oval racing onto Vimeo, but to me it dosnt seem to look very 'HD' and looks jerky. Is it just my PC and monitor, or is my clip on the wrong setting? I just made a full HD MPEG2 clip of the edit and uploaded it. Dosnt look right to me though. Any ideas where Ive gone wrong?

Clip is: http://vimeo.com/2363991

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The trouble is its not playback-friendly:
I think H.264 is a more usual codec for HD web movies, rather than the On2 VP6 flash codec you've used - especially where you are retaining the 1280x720 pixel size.

The interlacing artifacts look really horrible, when playing 24fps at full resolution.
For web viewing reducing the pixel size would help playback enormously.

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I'd suggest you read the FAQ. http://vimeo.com/help/hd


If you're outputting 1080i, deinterlace and resize to 1280×720 before you upload. In many cases if your final outcome is a progressive medium (web, LCD TVs, HD-DVD, etc.) you might be better off deinterlacing before you even start editing.

Why is my video only 640×360?

HD video is so big that it can’t fit in the width of a regular web page, so we show it at half size. To see the whole image, go into full screen mode by clicking the full screen button in the lower right of the player. The native size of Vimeo HD files is 1280×720.

Your video is outside these specs - 1920x1080 Interlaced.

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Right, cheers for that. I knew something was wrong cos the file plays fine on the PC and Blu-ray disc. Will go back and try again. I know its not the most entertaining video clip ever but wanted to experiment with HD on the 'quieter' races before using it on the big races.

The most supprising thing for me was how the fireworks have come out on HD. We did it once just on the cameras auto setting but this made the sky too grainy, so the next time I had a play around with the settings and they have come out well, especially as it was raining on the night we filmed them!