HD-Live mix /portable studio

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I last speced a studio about 6 years ago.

Then, I went sony cameras, "proper" Panasonic switcher, coms system.
Cabled via HD-SDI and (now) recording on BM Hyperdeck Studio. SSD recorders.

 Using a mac with internal card to digitise was a nightmare.
The Panni switcher is very fussy about the DVI input and you need to constantly coax the Macbook to agree to supply the few resolutions that the mixer will work with.
( that may be the Mac)

 I have been asked about a similar project and now, the Black magic systems are available.

I don't want a system that is too fussy about formats or cable lengths 

I know that the BM ATEM gets a lot of use. Is it very stable?
Fussy about inputs?
Latency issues?

 I think this is likely to be a PPU type set up.

I do like the idea that the BM studio cameras have built in "top finder"  and coms.
But are they as easy to use in a busking environmemt?

also interested in PTZ NO latency cameras.

also open to datavideo and the like

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Re: HD-Live mix /portable studio

Hello Dave,

I have the BM ATEM.

It's a good unit specially when used with the Hyperdeck and a good BM monitor for multi screen display.

The only down side is the cable length limit for HDMI. Mind stops at 5 metres. Lots on the BM forums about this.

I use BM HDMI to HD-SDI adapters now anyway.

Where are you in the UK??


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