HDMI cables - any recommendations?

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'HDMI cables are all the same' according to the web, but I've gone through a number of cables from CPC and wondered if people might have some recommendations.

I think I've gone for their absolute cheapest and also their 'HQ' cables from ProSignal.

The cheap ones have all been binned (eventually they go for whatever reason) and the metal connectors on the 'HQ' cables have fallen off and I expect it's only a matter of time before the wires disconnect from the connector itself and they end up in the bin too!

So... does anyone have any recommendations for HDMI cables from CPC Farnell? or another online shop? Looking at around 3m in length.



Barry Hunter
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Re: HDMI cables - any recommendations?

I use Refresh Cartridges, never had a problem!

Barry Hunter videos4all.org

Tony Carter
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Re: HDMI cables - any recommendations?

Check out www.7dayshop.co.uk


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Re: HDMI cables - any recommendations?

You can contact me at http://tombassford.org
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