Heads up cheap PD150, XL1, XM1, VX2000/2100

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Gavin Gration
Joined: Jul 29 1999

The Z1, A1 & others have left a large number of decent 3 chippers redundant & up for sale cheap.

I guess something like a PD150 is ideal for someone starting out who can't stretch to a Z1 or XL1HD. Why not buy the PD150/XL1 now for a grand or less and USE it to earn some money. Once you have a few grand stashed away see if you still NEED an HDV camera.

If you still NEED something better you'll at least have a decent back-up camera for when the heads clog up on the HDV cam (joke).

Just a thought.....

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I'll second that.

The capital outlay to buy new "state of the art" equipment, whilst it has fallen drastically in the past decade, can still be painfully high, especially if you are starting in business or as a serious amateur.

We use what ever we can get our mits on, providing it does the job required of it.
It may not be pretty but it works!

"State of the Art" or "State of the Ark"

Wisz Media Services

Richard Wisz Media Services

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Hi Gavin, have you got some "cheap" good quality kit for sale??


tom hardwick
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The Z1, A1 & others have left a large number of decent 3 chippers redundant & up for sale cheap, said Gavin.

What's interesting is the fact that the VX2100 and PD170 are still offered new, and I'm guessing Sony is loath to lose any nich market for kit that's proved to be so reliable and such a big seller.

The ''Z1, A1 and others" scenario must really worry Panasonic, JVC and Canon though. They all have their HiDef offerings of course, but here's Sony happy to discontinue the HC1 even before the other big three have entered this segnment of the market at all.

P, J and C must hate the sound of Gavin's 'redundant 3 chippers', as this is all they have to sell at the moment.