help me please!!! embedding video in cs3

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Guys, in the process of building a website. All pages have now been put together but i'm stuck with the gallery page where i'm hoping to embed flash or wmv in the centre.

This is how i've prepared it so far. In CS3 i've taken jpg files from photoshop and created hotspot links from the actual image to each of the pages. At the bottom i've got the following:

Home Packages Gallery Contact.

On all pages i've simply highlighted these areas and created a link.

Each page has the same central image. Where i'm running into difficulties is this. I've tried to embed the wmv file in the centre of the image. It wont place the video on top of the image as a layer. The only option i've had is to convert the image into a background on cs3 and lay the video over that. It's great BUT i cant hotspot my links through a background. I really dont understand why cs3 doesnt allow layers.. can anyone please advise or assist? i'm pulling hair out over this and have spent in excess of 6 hours on this today! trying to place the footage in the centre of the image but cs3 is difficult..

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I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to do here, sounds like containing it all in a flash swf might be the best route but if you can pm me a link so that I can look at the code I will try to help you.