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Hi All
I am not a stills man myself except for 35mm.
But I got this E-Mail. Can anyone help please.

A fellow 50's member has a digi camera and is trying to figure out how to convert the pic to .jpg. Right now, the pic comes up as an .exe program file. If anyone can lend a hand, he would be very grateful. Thanks for any and all help.



John Farrar
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Hi Malcolm
I cannot see how a pic (picture?) .jpg file can appear as a .exe file. Can you get some more info from your friend such as the digital camera he is using etc?

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...and what he is using to get the file from the digital camera into the computer, that gives him an .exe file?

(RS232/USB wired link, CF card, memory stick???)

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All the cameras I've seen or read about produce either JPEG (jpg) compressed files or TIFF (tif) uncompressed. The only way I can think of getting an exe is that someone's bound together a slide show of files and made it into a self-running exe file.

Another thought. Try opening the file in Winzip and having a look inside, it might just be a self-extracting zip file.