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victor malloy
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Hey People,

Please can you help.
I do sound design and music for film, and I'm trying to set up a website at the mo to showcase recent work. I'm teaching myself as I go. Got to grips with dreamweaver and it's coming on nicely. The site obviously needs to include quite a few quicktimes. The trouble I'm having is working out the best (or the maximum) file size, the type of compression, the actual size of the films, etc, for streaming the films. I'm using Final Cut to export them, but there's so many options I'm a bit lost. Is there a standard that most people use? Can anyone advise?

thanks a lot

Victor Malloy.

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Hi Victor and welcome to DV Doctor
Sorry no standard...It depends. But rather than go there I will give you a couple of presets that will get you started. I usually use Sorenson 3 Codec for video but you may want opt for mpeg4 codec once you do more research, sorenson is excellent though.

Assuming you are not using a dedicated streaming server, you should offer at least two different bandwidths, one for DSL and one for 56k modems.

Broadband 512k
Image size 384 x 288 (if you are using standard 4:3)
Video: Sorenson Video 3 Millions of Colours, 25fps, spacial 60%, 364kbits/s
Audio: Q Design Music 2, 48 kbit/s 16 bit stereo, 44.100khz

56k Modem
Image Size 176 x 132 ( again 4:3)
Video: Sorenson Video 3 codec, Millions of Colours, 12.5 fps, 20kbits/s,
Audio: Q Design Music 2, 16 kbit/s, 16 bit mono, 22.050 khz.

Have a try with these settings and adjust them to suit your needs, ie.. the payoff between better audio or fast action video within the available bandwidth. You might also want to adjust Gamma, Brightness and Contrast as compressing video for web often seems too dark.

One other thing, don't rely on Dreamweaver, if you want to get the most from your site and make it cross platform cross and browser compatible, get a good book and learn XHTML, it's not difficult. Check out

Good Luck with it all

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check out these and tell me what you think, for streaming that is

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victor malloy
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Thanks a lot for the info Chris. Really really helpful. Still trying to get my head round it, but that's exactly what I needed to know.
What a friendly and helpful place this is.