Hi8 to DV transfer

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Following the demise of my Hi8 camcorder, I have recently switched to DV (the very fine Panasonic NV-DX100), but unfortunately I have been left with upwards of 50 orphaned Hi8 tapes.

I can get hold of a Hi8 player (??-300) as well as a Sony DV walkman, so that I can transfer all my Hi8s to DV via the analog inputs of the DV walkman. Is this the best option open to me, in the light of the high cost of DV tapes etc.

I have a fairly well specified Pentium 400 PC with a HP 8100 CD-Writer. Is there a reasonable way of transferring my Hi8 footage to CD?.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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I am in the same situation when my trusted Sony TRV-805 decided to call it a day last week. Desperately looking for a replacement, I bought a Sony DCR-TRV410e Digital 8 camcorder.

The bonus is that it can accept both input and output analogue AND firewire signals without problem; and playback all my Hi8 collection. My PAL unit has digital in/out, which is standard in Hong Kong. With this machine, you can playback your Hi8 tapes to output to digital anytime - and save on DV tapes.

I'm not sure what you meant by transfering Hi8 to CDs. If you're copying the avi files, than I don't see why not except that the CDRs can't take more than 650mb each. And playing back from the CDR would give seriously low frame rates.

Alternatively, get an MPEG encoder and create VCDs. I've tried it with the HP7200e and seems to work fine. But sacrifice on the quality. Well, we can't win all the time ;)

tom hardwick
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As you're archiving Hi8, Alexis, have you thought about making DV copies in the LP mode on the ??-300? There is no quality difference (A or V) as the same digital stream is copied over, but there are two things to remember. In LP you only have one (CD quality) stereo sound track, and you're warned that the recording machine (ie the ??-300) should play back the same tapes.

Now that you can get 60min (or 90mon in LP) Sony mini DV tapes for #5,50 each, it's working out cheaper than Hi8.

Do a short test and see if the Panasonic replays these LP tapes back ok - could save you some pennies.