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Please help, I have Hollywood FX Silver v4.02 and have lost the serial No so can not install the product onto my computer!!!
Please if anyone could give me this serial No please please do.
Special thanx in advance

CGI Wizard.

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If it's a legitimately registered copy, then you should be able to get the info you need from the manufacturers. If it isn't, then you'll find yourself extremely lonely here, I doubt anyone will want to help.


Accually, the program was on a magazine cover disc, the serial No was on the cd case, which is now lost. I can not get the serial No from pinnicle because I am not a registered customer. The magizine is called DV World.
Please help, I dont know what else to do!

CGI Wizard


Now, this is weird.

I managed to find the serial number for copper version in the end, I didnt find the cd case, but instead I installed the demo version opn the cd.

I then went to the 'help' menu and then to 'About hollywood FX'. In this help page, it accually gives you the serial number and the machine ID.

Now the weird thing is, the cd also contains the full version of Hollywood FX Silver version 4.02, and the demo of silver as well.

So I did the same as with the copper version, i installed the demo of silver and when to the help menu and got the serial no.

Then i ran the full version that is on the cd, and then entered the serial no, and --- IT WORKS.

I think the DV World and pinnicle have made a bit of a boo boo!!

What do you think?

Any one who has the DV World cd try this and tell me that i am not the only one!

A Very Much Confused

CGI Wizard.

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Hello CGI Wizard,
Very interesting!
I must admit that at first I thought that your suggestion
that serial numbers for Hollywood FX Copper AND Silver were
built into the demo versions, and that the full version of
Silver was on the disk, was a wind-up. But found that it
wasn't. So I set out to do some tests.

I have the magazine cover disk (with the case!) and I have
two computers with video capture cards in, on which I can play.
One I regard as my "Video" computer with a FAST AV Master in
it. New software is not tried on that until it has been
thoroughly tested in my "general purpose" computer, which has
my old FAST FPS60 card in it. (I couldn't bear to just leave it
on the shelf!).

I think that HFX is a gimmicky load of junk that I might
find a use for once every ten years or so, but, as it was
"free", after original tests on the GP computer I installed HFX
Copper on the Video Computer and registered to get a permanent
serial number. Their interpretation of "permanent" is a bit
wierd, but that's another story.)

I had removed it from the GP machine, but had it still been
there it would have had about 10 days to run (and yes, it does

1). Install the Copper demo: CD:\DEMOS\HFX4COPP.EXE
No serial number is requested (of course), and the program
does work, but has many fewer effects than the full version. In
"about", a serial number and machine ID is provided, but it is
not the same serial number as is on the CD sleeve. Naturally
one is invited to contact HFX about purchase!
Even though my full version had about ten days to run (on
the GP machine) I was allowed 30 days for the demo version).

2). Install the full Copper version: CD:\CPR\HFX4COPP.EXE
Offering the "demo" serial number does allow the
installation to proceed, and the full version then works as it
would with a "real" serial number.
Interestingly, I was back to the full 30 days on this one as
well! A simple re-install of the full version doesn't do that.
But of course it is still a 30 day version, though now the
invitation is not to purchase; it is to get the permanent
serial number.
However, I am pretty sure that attempting to register it for
the "permanent" licence would not work. Anyone with a
legitimate serial number will easily be able to see how, on
registration, HFX's software knows how to direct you to the
"new Sn" or "cough up" departments!

3) Install the Silver demo: CD:\DEMOS\HFX4SILV.EXE
Install the full Silver version: CD:\SLV\HFX4SILV.EXE
Comments just the same as for the copper version.

4) Install the full Silver version: CD:\SLV\HFX4SILV.EXE, but
this time using my registration number of the CD.
"Not valid for this level"
Try again - changing the CPR part to SLV - "not a valid
serial number".
This is pretty much as expected, but it was worth trying.
Companies have done dafter things!

5) Briefly to the Video computer (which has the permanent
registration remember):
Un-install the Copper version. (Incidentally HFX have also
re-defined the word "uninstall"!)
Try the Silver version as for (4).
The results were just the same - again as expected.

So to sum up CGI;
No. DV World and Pinnacle have not slipped up.
They have provided a little more than is mentioned in the
magazine (unless I missed something), in that users of Media
studio can at least try the software. But that is not exactly a
By the way, I do have Media Studio - the AV Master comes
with it - but I think that it is so dreadful compared to
Premiere 4.2 that I ditched it. For this reason I did not try
the Silver versions in anything other than P4.2, but I think
that they will probably work.

If you want to use the program you will either have to:

Buy another magazine, or

Find someone who has decided that it's such a load of junk
that he won't be using his registration, and can let you have
his number, or

Possibly re-install first the demo AND THEN the full
version of either version every less-than-30 days. This looks
as though it might work. (see (2)) or

Crack it! (I've seem worse.)

Good luck.