Home TVs - 40 inch or so

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My last CRT tv was a Panasonic, and I used to really rate their CRTs

 my current TV is a Samsung 32 with about a 2" frame, and the backlight is begging to go, it looks like a dirty mark spreading over the screen.
I bought a samsung due to my phone at the time being good, and the fact that they used to make the screened for Sony.

So I am looking for a basic TV about 40" , not fussed about 3D but quite like the idea of wireless.
Image sharing might also be nice. Built in iplayer as well.

 I guess that I am looking at Sony, Samsung and Panasonic 

any comments?

Barry Hunter
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Re: Home TVs - 40 inch or so

Well pleased with my Samsung 3D Smart TV!

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