How to embed,,plain english please.

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Ok i see on vimeo, youtube and other sites i can "embed this video in my website".
How do i embed ?
I've got my own free website from googlepages and i've made a website for some else with googlepages. I could do with knowing how to embed,i put some videos on vimeo for myself and my friend but i could do with embedding his vimeo videos on his googlepages site.


ps plain english please.

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well, first off, does Vimeo allow one to embed their content? might not be possible. It IS the reason youtube took off as it did but not all providers allow it.

if it's youtube stuff, you need to copy the html code given alongside each video, then paste it into the html of the page you're building.

paste it wherever you feel the urge between the tags.

I don't know how much access google pages gives you, and they might even make it easier, eg a button to add video to a page

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There's a good tutorial on Vimeo which shows you how easy this is to do. Have a look in the help and FAQ files.