How to get rid of S's in Voice over

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Craig Kiltie
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Im editing some video and the actress who is presenting has an awful lisp when she is talking.

I was wondering what is the best way to soften it or get rid of the lisps from the soundfiles, Any good sound editing programmes that do that etc, I was looking at Cool Edit or Soundforge but dont know where or how to approach it? Any tips?


Craig Kiltie

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Yes it can be done in Soundforge

Alan Roberts at work
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It's easy in Cool Edit (even the free version). Use a FFT filter and lower the response in the range from 2kHz or so upwards, bt only 2 or 3dB. Adjust to taste.

I use Cool Edit (the paid for version) for all sound problems. I recently recorded a folk dance group at a festival on a Panasonic DS35. PA balance was dire so I knew I was in trouble. In Cool Edit I applied a FFT filter, -30dB at 100Hz and below, +13dB at 180Hz, zero at 1kHz, -12dB at 1.5kHz, -7dB at 5kHz and above. That stopped the wind noise, raised the bass and guitars, stopped the mandolins shrieking wildly and let me hear the singers. The result isn't good, but it's a hell of a lot better than the original.

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Bend a coathanger into a square,
cover in 3 layers of ladies tights,
place in front of mic while recording
or by a hiss shield from a good music shop