How much is too much to pay for Premiere 6.5?

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Hello, I have a friend who is willing to sell me his copy of Premiere 6.5 he still has the key codes and it would be a real copy of premiere. It's only been used once to upload it on his computer. He is offering to sell it to me for $400.

I know it's a good quality editing suite, but I would like to know if I am getting a deal or not? Thanks!


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If I were you, is no deal.

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For Premier 6.5 anything over £30 would be too much IMHO - you would need to upgrade it if you want to work with the modern formats...

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yep, your friend is insane. quite simply, insane.

my 2c

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Being a cynic :-) it isn`t a case of you wondering how much you could get for your copy is it? But no one would be that crafty wquld they?

What puzzles me is that, A, why is the cost shown in $`s & you say you are UK based, and B, your friend can`t be much of a friend when he`s obviously try to rip you off big time.

But then, I`m just being cynical!

Barry Hunter

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Perhaps his pound sign has vanished from the PC...... I know mine has.

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Crazy price for what is now such an old piece of software that having it hardly counts now if you try to upgrade. Adobe have not supported it for years. I've got one kicking around somewhere, installed on one machine that was binned ages ago - If he installed it on a machine I do know that adobe will still have it registered. I was checking my database entry the other day and remembered my old email account from years gone by, sure enough there is the copy of 6.5 still registered. I'm not certain that Adobe would transfer such an old license?