How to shoot on a projected background?

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Hi, I need to shoot some interviews, and instead of shooting against green screen and then having to replace it (hdv, render times your general list of issues there....) I'm wondering if there is a way to project a different background for each person (say, a livingroom picture) in slide or powerpoint etc. Has anyone had any experience with this, or knows where I can find some info on it?


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I haven't done this but I would imagine that lighting it would not be easy and you also have to contend with the noise of the projector.

Rob James
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The only way it will work in an even vaguely convincing way is to use a technique known as FAP or Front-Axial Projection. This uses a retro-reflective screen and is expensive , time-consuming and difficult to get right. Have a look here.

or here:,M1

The alternative, back projection is rarely convincing and still expensive.

This is why green screen has become so popular. (Can be done in real time with some relatively inexpesive hardware. E.g. Datavideo)

Rob The picture is only there to keep the sound in sync