Inde equipment rental house

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I have been looking to hire some kit for an upcoming production and came across an interesting site that hires specifically to inde producers, film students etc at what appears to be reasonable prices. The web site is

Dave R Smith
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Thank-you for the pointer - saved to favorites as contingency.

Harry Nicholson
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Try for hiring equipment

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I wish them the very best of luck.

After 20 years of hiring we've just stopped, the hassle is unbelievable and the weekly fraud attempts just grind you down. Hirers will do anything from hiring so they can swop a lens over with one of their duffers to leaving the country with your kit never to be seen again. Our losses were less than £1000 over the 20 years but what a battle.

Studio with green screen for hire near Gatwick Airport.
Kit hire facilities on site.