info on a possble new build

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i have a rather ancient computor (AMD Athlon 1900+, MSI KT3 Ultra ARU,MSI G4 Ti/MX 4600, D500, C =180GB F=200GB, G=200GB for capture etc, with XP Pro O/S. Thanks to member Mick Wells i am able now to use the D500 with no !! problems. I am looking to perhaps build a more upto date machine using some gear i have already such as a Athlon 64 socket939 3500+ and i am looking at buying an ASRock 939 N68-GLAN M/b. What would be a good graphics card for this set up? i want to retain the 500 ,my use woul be Vid ed,the web, and flight sim etc. i am totally bemuzed by talk of single/dual/quad core cpu's. will be more than pleased with any comments or kicks!!
Thanks jcj