Installation Problem

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Nick Carter
Joined: Jul 9 2002

Want to have a hard drive with XP home on it to work all the software Vista has problems with. Both in a caddy with fans for a fairly quick swop.
So took Vista hard drive out and disconnected all other drives etc. Fitted brand new Seagate Barracuda and booted up with XP installation Cd in drive It started to download eary files - the ones that scroll through at bottom of screen. Then PC showed half screen "Close down to protect PC. Check for viruses. Remove any newly installed hard drives peripherals". When rebooting cannot reach setup with f2 or the XP CD.
Replaced the Vista hard drive and it boots up in the usual unhurried fashion. Visit SETUP and only thing that I notice is that it is set to RAID ONLY for signed drives and there is an option for recognising RAID / ATA. Know nothing about RAID or signing.
Help needed as I want a PC that works reliably, and where improvements are creating work for me.