Interesting blog on digital cinema dynamic range

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No news in there :)

There's only one thing that limits the dynamic range of a camera, and that's the noise floor level. Lower the noise, and you can get more contrast in. Simple. And 11 stops is bog-standard across the board of electronic cameras these days, it's only technology like Sony's HyperHAD that gives a leg up, and that's only between 0.5 and 1 stop.

I might as well say it now, because it will leak anyway: I have tested a RED for the BBC, and not been surprised :) The report (confidential) is with the BBC, and I think it'll be copied back to RED for comment.

Get my test cards document, and cards for 625, 525, 720 and 1080. Thanks to Gavin Gration for hosting them.
Camera settings documents are held by Daniel Browning and at the EBU
My book, 'Circles of Confusion' is available here.
Also EBU Tech.3335 tells how to test cameras, and R.118 tells how to use the results.