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Just an observation.

Been plagued for ages with very, very slow internet connection. Sometimes having to wait for so long that I would just switch off and 'try again tomorrow' sort of thing.
It was strange because my laptop that usually resides just 10 ft away from the afflicted desk top, would always connect to the net fairly quickly.
My old computer that sat in this same corner had the same problem until I moved it to my editing room and then internet connecting problems for it, just vanished.
This new computer had the opposite effect in that its connecting problem only appeared after being removed from my editing room and set up in the 'computer corner' in our living room. 
And a flash of frustrated inspiration, I took a 50cm length of USB extension cable, plugged one end into the computer and stuck the wee doggle into the other.
The wee doggle now sits on top of my desk and the internet connections are unbelievably fast.

Thought this might be helpful to someone smiley


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