I've lost that flash magic, can anyone help?

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Hey there,

Is anyone experiencing issues of quality, respective of Flash CS3 prof?

Untill recently, I'd take my DVcam SD footage, all nice and edited and wack the DV pal file straight into flash at HQ setting and get a good result. However, I seem to have lost the Flash magic and the end result is far from favourable. This has called into question a relationship that I have with a web provider. I have been researching this untill my head is close to explosion and still cannot arrive at a conclusion. The footage is shot from a PD 170 and editing on FCP St1, running Tiger, with Flsh Proffesional CS3.

Now obviously I should be shooting HDV progressive, and I will move over at one point in the next few months. But before I do, I still have to resolve the issue that I'm currently experiencing.

I'm wondering if as the footage is SD is the fact the it is being viewed on an HD monitor, the cause, the web guys have shifted over from SD to widescreen HD recently. I've tried exporting to H.264 and renaming the file ext to .flv, but that doesn't work. Can anyone give me a pointer as to the best workflow for flash? I think perhaps I need to run it through compressor before exporting to flash, but again I cannnot arrive at the best solution.

I'm completely fummoxed and thinking seriously about hiring a flash proffesional for a couple of hours to take me through it, but before I do that I thought I'd post it up here.

Thanks for your help!!!

Oddball. x