Just starting out...

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Joined: May 8 2004

Hi to all members,

I am just starting out in doing some wedding videography work.

My question as someone new.
What editng software do you guys use?
What camcorders are you using?
What are you using for sound?
What other kit would you use?

I was using Pinnacle 8 and now am learning to use Liquid edition 5.5. I have a Sony TRV80 but am thinking of upgrading to the Sony VX2100.

I have been asked to film 2 weddings this. They are to be purley for demo purposes so I will not make any money from them.

I am fairly good with a camera and am quite creative when editing my footage. As I work full time I am looking to do some part-time freelance work. Would anyone be interested using me as second camera unit on the weekends.?

Gary Hecht