JVC GY-HD101 problem

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     can anyone help me with this. I have a JVC GY-HD101. I brought it through customs lately and it seems to have developed a critical malfunction (possibly from x-rays). When I turn it on, the system does not boot (not even a blue screen). The audio level auto lights come on and stay on. After a few seconds the HDV and DV lights flash alternately and the VTR lights also flashes. 
I presume a CPU has been flashed. Or is it something else?
I have an extra body so is anyone able to tell me, form the error lights, which CPU or EPROM (if any), has been effected. The service manual does not include these.


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Re: JVC GY-HD101 problem

x rays shouldn't have any issues with a camera.

more likely somebody dropped it or it's a coincidence.   does this help?


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Re: JVC GY-HD101 problem

I'd have to agree - x-rays are very unlikely to be the cause - mine has been through the darn things dozens of times - one of mine always makes me think your problem is about to happen - the power up sequence sort of hang, the viewfinder flashes, and then it works fine. Gradually getting worse, but so far not an issue. I have two and they both work as well as they did when new, and they still get used.