Kodak 1.110 Upgrade

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Michael Renn
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Hi Everyone,
Who can offer some help please. A friend and myself both purchased the DX3700 and both have installed everything OK, and both are getting good pictures however we are both having difficulties installing the 1.110 upgrade.
Both of us have downloaded the upgrade and unzipped it to a new folder. We both have managed to load the upgrade onto the memory card (and verified it is there, along with the other two folders that remain after formatting) we both then run into the problem of getting the upgrade off the card and into the cameras memory.
I have checked with my friend and he follows the same proceedure as myself which must be wrong but is as follows......
Turn the camera off and insert into the docking station, depress the shutter button and then the power button. The power on orange light comes on then it goes green, and the two buttons are released but no upgrade is shown on the about camera screen. The proceedure has been tried both on and off the camera. Has any kind person any suggestions as to where we are going wrong.
The printout that I took off the site says to load the upgrade into the root directory, perhaps that is where the problem lies. But how do we load into the root directory?
Any help would be gratefully appreciated, we are both very computer literate but can`t solve this problem.

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visit http://www.domwatts.com/toast/toast.asp?sub=show&action=posts&fid=1&tid=2801

which explains exactly how to do it ....

kodak instructions aren't that clear

Gary MacKenzie

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I think the part you are missing is the mode switch should be on setup, everything else seems correct. (I missed this first time around)

You wiil see the led go red and after about 20-30 seconds the camera will reboot its self, bingo upgraded.

I put my files in the root of the picture card folder as below.

Folders you see upon accessing Kodak camera above.

Open the picture card folder and place in this folder as below.


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Michael Renn
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Thanks to both "Hawk" and "Sepulcre" for your very prompt replies, and for "Sepulcre`s very detailed help.
The upgrade has npw been completed, and I shall ensure that my friends camera is also updated.
I think that the reason why the card could not be updated before, was the fact that in the supplied Kodak software there was an option to untick the card reader an the Kodak camera. Only the Kodak camera was ticked previously. Haveing ticked both boxes, and followed the excellent screen shots from "Sepulcre" the orange light turned red, then green, and now thank goodness everything has been updated,
Thank you both once again.