Konica Minolta withdraw from camera business

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David Pearson
Joined: Nov 20 2000

See eg http://www.dpreview.com/news/0601/06011901konicaminoltaout.asp - Konica Minolta are transferring all their digital camera assets and designs etc to Sony from 31 March.

A sad day - which sees one of the pioneers leave the business. One just hopes that Sony will take their legacy forwards - otherwise theirs even less competition for Canon, and to some extent Nikon.

I can do no better than quote Michael Reichmann at http://luminous-landscape.com/new/index.shtml - "The industry will be poorer ... as both Konica and Minolta made great contributions over the years, and their recent A2 and 7D cameras were among the most intelligently designed of their their genres. Real photographer's cameras. Konica Minolta will be missed."

David P.

tom hardwick
Joined: Apr 8 1999

This is sad news. I have fond memories (and great pictures from) my Minolta SRT101 from 1967. In those days a 58 mm f/1.4 was a lens that gave me street cred up to my eyebrows.