LaCie Introduces 800GB shared storage solution for SMBs

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LaCie Introduces 800GB shared storage solution for SMBs

Simplified network storage solution for small and medium size businesses

Instantly store and share up to 800GB over cross platform network

Powered by trusted Windows® XP Embedded

London, (December 2004) – As the storage needs of small and medium size businesses grows, so does the need for an affordable networked storage solution such as the new 800GB capacity LaCie Ethernet Disk. With this easy to use shared hard drive, up to 25 people can instantly store and backup data across a network simultaneously without taking bandwidth away from a central server.

“LaCie understands that small businesses have limited time to manage a network and storage infrastructure, so we have simplified the process with the multi-purpose Ethernet Disk,” says George Leptos, LaCie UK General Manager. “Without any technical expertise, you can instantly share up to 800GB of storage space with people on your network by plugging the device directly into any Ethernet port on the network—there’s no need for an additional computer. Powered by Windows® XP Embedded, the LaCie Ethernet Disk is affordable, secure, and compatible with Windows®, Mac®, Unix and Linux clients to fit the various storage and networking needs of small businesses.”

The LaCie Ethernet Disk offers the security needed to backup important data, and can be used as a cost effective archiving tool as compared with other solutions. Administers have the ability to fully customize user access controls from any computer on the network through an user-friendly web administration tool, and files can be accessed via HTTP or FTP on Macs or PCs thanks to cross-platform support of Windows® XP Embedded. With its sturdy and slender d2 19-inch casing the Ethernet Disk can be mounted in standard rack to save on desk space or support monitors weighing as much as 40 pounds. As storage needs grow, additional space can be added to the LaCie Ethernet Disk by daisy-chaining LaCie hard drives via the USB or FireWire port.


The LaCie Ethernet Disk is available on 160GB, 250GB, 500GB and now 800GB capacities at the suggested retail prices below. Drives ship with silicon feet and bracket covers for standalone use, as well as power and Ethernet cables. Extended SWAP service to 2 years is also available. More information can be found at:

SKU 300673 160 GB LaCie Ethernet Disk 10/100 £345 including VAT.
SKU 300655 250 GB LaCie Ethernet Disk 10/100 £385 including VAT.
SKU 300626 500 GB LaCie Ethernet Disk 10/100 £629 including VAT.
SKU 300782 800 GB LaCie Ethernet Disk 10/100 £949 including VAT.

About LaCie
Established in the United States, Europe and Japan, LaCie is the world’s leading producer of PC and Macintosh compatible storage peripherals. Through a specialized sales dealer network, LaCie offers innovative solutions for creative professionals in multimedia applications (graphics, audio, video, web design and digital photography). What differentiates LaCie is the design of its products and original creations by designers such as Philippe Starck, Porsche Design GmbH and Neil Poulton. LaCie is listed on the Paris Nouveau Marché (code 5431).

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