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Can anyone help me? I would like to get a set of two lights ideally those you can put on tripods or stands, or at least hand held.

Any idea where I shall look?



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It depends on how far you want to take it, but a good starting pint is the cheap and chearful external floods that builders merchants sell. You'd probably be better off with the enclosed type, for safety, and buy a pair of work glovees to handle them. Some are sold with teloscopic stands, or buy similar ones from Maplin. You don't need Redheads or Blondes unless you're lighting a big space, or need to focus. Soften either using proper frost gel, or bouncing of white card/polystyrene.

cheers dm

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I tried the builders type which give a good light but the wire frames cast ugly shadows and you'll need to do some work arounds.

I like the Unomat range and I got a LX301Z from Jessops for around £65. It has barn doors and gives a good 300watt light. I added a tripod lighting stand from Jessops for around £35 so for a total of £100 I was well impressed. If you want to go battery powered I reckon you can't do much better than the Hahnel Zoomlight 50 from Hi-Way Tel 0207 723 5251. I paid £87.95 in March this year.

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Yeah, I've lit a number of DV short movies with a redhead and three of those Unomat lights; they don't stand up to maltreatment too well (being mostly made of plastic), but they're quite effective.

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