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Hi guys

I'm looking for some general advice on what equipment I should be using, because I honestly haven't got a clue.

I'm managing a project that will involve making a series of videos for web use. These will "Talking Head" videos to be shot against a Green Screen (which I also need to buy - advice?).

My main concern is getting the lighting right, especially against the green screen. We will probably film in a backroom of our office with standard Flu tube lighting, so definitely not good enough for filming.

What sort of lights should I be looking to use in this scenario? Priority (after making sure it looks good!) is that it's simple and easy to set up, and not extoritonate either (I'm looking to buy instead of hire)

Thanks in advance for any advice, like I said, I haven't got a clue so any opinions are welcome.



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Hi Sid

I've done a fair bit of the type of shoot you are describing..So here's how I do it...

Green screen: Just a roll of 3m green paper background purchased from a photo store. I use a Lastolite stand system to set up a studio type backdrop...

Lighting: I use a Lowell set of 5 lights.
Background is lit by 2x Lowell Totas with umbrellas at 45° one each side.
Subject is lit by one 250w Prolight as a kicker, 1x 500w V light as main light and a Rifa softbox to fill...

I got my lights from Prokit in Chiswick.


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and try to shoot the talent far away from the screen as poss. pref 6' plus.

Richard Loxley
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A couple of years back someone posted a link to a lighting tutorial site that had numerous videos, including an excellent video showing how to correctly light a green screen.

You might be able to find it by searching the forum for green screen.