Looking for intro video suggestions

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I do product reviews and I'm not happy with my current opening sequence. I have a new round of videos in production but I don't want to put them out to YouTube until I make a new intro video for the series.
I know I'm not the best at designing intros and such and so I'm turning to the community and other sources to get ideas on what I should do for my new intro.

More details can be found in my video and the description of it.

Example of my current opening: (starts at 27 seconds in)

Thanks for any and all help.


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I say this in all seriousness, but why not watch some of the technology related product hours on the shopping channels? I'm guessing you are stateside so you should have a few to pick from. I used to work for one of the big ones in the UK and their Post Dept would put quite a bit of thought into their openers, stings and idents.

Alternatively go onto some of the big manufacturer websites, eg HP and watch some of their online commercials.

I'm not saying steal all these ideas, just use them for inspiration. When I occassionaly worked in the Post dept of said shopping channel, they always had TV's on in the background with other channels (sometimes competitors, sometimes just MTV) constantly playing so staff would get inspired about trends, styles and new creative approaches.