Low volume DVD replication

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Ford Prefect
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Hi Folks,
I have a clent who needs about 50 DVDs produced (from a DVD-R master) with an inkjet photo on the disc about 3 or 4 times a year.
Now 50 is just too many to do easily on my PC and single burner, but most duplication/replication houses start at about 500 copies.
Anybody know anywhere that does smaller runs at a reasonable rate please?

Gavin Gration
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PM sent.

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why not buy yourself a DVD duplicator and do them yourself? (sorry Gavin!)

I bought one years ago when it was a toss up between buying more VHS machines for a dupe bank and moving over to DVD. A seven way Accard was £1300 from Ian @ Lynx which was way below the £1600 + that others wanted. In the first few weeks I was lucky and did enough to cover 70% of the purchase price.


This Xmas, ever the romantic, I bought my girlfriend her own 1-3 Accard from AVP for less than £200. having already bought her a printer for about £70 she could easily cope with 50 or so discs several times a year.

Go on.... push the boat out - you know you want to!

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We can do short run dvd duplication at Amstore....usually 24 hour turnaround. We work pretty much 24-7 and can do a very quick turnaround on less than 500 units :)

DVD duplicator
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If you're outside of London, we can supply DVD duplication at Duplication Station. Again, we have a pretty fast turnaround time and prices are very competitive :D