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Not sure if this is the place or relevent on this forum but I have a need to put a good quality or at least as good as I can get, black and white film clip incorporated into a web page.

This is fine and I've built the page with Macromedia MX 2004 and produced a .swf file to add to my web page.

To produce what I think is acceptable quality, I'm ending up with a Flash file of about 10Mb, this takes too long to load to work well.

If I make an acceptable windows media file it's only about 3Mb, this would be great, but of course a media "player" opens on the web page - no good for me at all.

So where all this is leading is:

Does anyone know why the flash file is so much lower in quality(visually) than the equivalent file size in windows media, and is it possible to force a windows media file to open and play without showing the "player"

The big file version test page is at this has a file size around 10MB - I wish I could make this smaller and retain image quality produced by windows media.

The original footage was HDV.

thanks for any input


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I'm no expert in swf files, but my experience is that they are intended for graphics motion - usually on web-sites.
If you have a hollow rectangle moving across a block of colour, then the swf file would memorise 1 frame for background, the shape of the object and note that is was moving from pos xy to pos ab.
Windows media will use a different algorithm, there are different methods, but perhaps it will record the first frame, then note which pixels change colour on each subsequent frame, whilst redefining the full picture on every nth frame (an index frame).

Your very nice mesmeric view I guess is not suited to swf - unless there are codecs available within the software to deal with 'real' images rather than graphical stuff.

Hope you aren't putting the file at the front of your website as it is now (I realise its currently there for a test)- you don't want users on modem being deterred through long load up time.

P.S. Forecast to be -4 C overnight - I'm still jealous.

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Thanks Dave,

Well actually its been raining all day here! but then we need the water, -4C eeek!

Yep, I understand the concept, I'd just hoped to get a better, less "blocky" and smoother
result from a flash file, still, one option is to shorten the shot which actually runs for a minute at present, maybe a third of this would help, it is a pity there appears to be no other flash style "non player window" player if you see what I mean.

Oh well, I'll do more compression tests and see if i can get it down a bit - anyhow it makes a nice "relaxation" background once its loaded!


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1. you can embed a video file into a webpage , and have no controls shown , depends upon version of web page creation software , and what software the server is running.

2. i haven't tried embedding xvid , but it may make a smaller file for you.

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Dave R Smith
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paultv wrote:
it is a pity there appears to be no other flash style "non player window" player if you see what I mean.

Not sure - do you mean frameless with autoplay and no stop/play/pause controls?
I don't have much to do with swf's but wonder if it wilh help to halve the width and height - file should then be 25% of size, giving lower bit rate and smoother play (hopefully).

With jpg images you can take a small image (say 72*72 pixels) and display it on web page as say 144*144 pixels. Result is grainier, but if used say as subdued background, this isn't material. I wonder if you could do something similar with the flash file by displaying it oversize - that is same size as your test site, but smaller source file dimensions?

I think there is a 'loop' option with swf's.
You could take a 15 second clip and cross-fade to make the loop seemless:
From 0 to 2 seconds cross fade with outgoing 2 seconds
From 13 to 15 seconds as present.
There a bit more to it than this - but I think you get the drift (pun not intended).

>anyhow it makes a nice "relaxation" background once its loaded
I thought you looked out of the window for this!
What's it like people wise at this time of year? Empty - most places closed until Easter?


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I think you're right Gary, I'm just checking out a thing called Web Creator 4 which allows you to have .wmv files on an unseen player - we'll see if that works or not, just uploading but the soft is not too good in the information zone - seems to be taking forever -

Dave - I've tried all combinations of file sizes/compression/aspects etc - not too good, maybe this .wmv thing might work out - and yes its normal here, plenty going on but all the busy "holiday" areas are quiet - real nice - everyone does gardens and house stuff, roofing and all those things that you can't do in the summer - too hot! It's real strange to see all the vedge gardens in full swing at this time of year!

thanks for your help guys


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May no longer help, but for visitors & newbies (like myself), check:

It seems to me to be relevant..