Maintaining Aspect Ratio

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Can anybody suggest a comparatively inexpensive LNE package that will maintain aspect ratios when importing still images. I want to create a video slide show from scanned 35mm images. I understand about the black sections around the image depending on format or the option to crop to fit. At present speed is more important than aesthetic quality.



Regards Keith

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I don't know about cheap, but Cinestream does it right, and Premiere 6 is supposed to (I still have 5.1 so can't confirm it).

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Never heard of cinestream, where do you get it from please?

Alan Roberts at work
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Cinestream is the "new" name for EditDV. That came from Digital Origin, who wrote the first DV-specific editing package a longish while ago. They sold to Media100 around 12 months ago when EditDV was in version 2.0. What was to become version 3 was renamed by Media100 as Cinstream, and they have problems becasue some key software writers left to go to Adobe, recruited onto the Premiere team to get 6 right. That's partly why Prem 6 is so much better than 5.

I don't know who retails it in the UK, I got my first copy of EditDV1.0 by downloading it from a US site, and they took money from my credit card. I did upgrades the same way. Version 3 came by post so that I got the keyboard stickers and full manual plus goodies. Further ugrades (now at 3.0.1 and I'm on the beta list, testing new routines) still come to me via the web, directly from Autodesk/Discreet.

I know that Videoguys (here) retail it in the US, and will post it anywhere (it isn't crippled in any way, it does PAL or NTSC, software settings only) and they do a cheap OHCI card for it as well.

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Media Studio Pro does this, but is not particularly cheap.

I'm sure I did this in VideoStudio4 (came with the capture card) before I upgraded to MSP6, but I can't remember if it does the Aspect Ratio for you ?