Make video look like film on an AVE55!!!!

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jimmy the jock
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Here is a tip I have NEVER seen published anywhere!!!!
One of the nice features on the Panasonic MX50 was a feature called "field strobe".I was stunned to discover this feature actually exists on the Panasonic AVE55 but is not doccumented!
If you don`t know what field strobe is then do this and you will instantly recognise it!
On the wipe pattern menu choose the one below the one you would use for "black banding" IE.......far right,second one down.
Now that you have selected this go to the menu and select Field/Frame does not matter what it is set at-simply choose the OPPOSITE of what it is set at and watch the picture as you do it!!! WOW don`t you just love it???!
You can set it for each bus so that you have it on both channels but the downside is that you can use any wipes as you must "sit" on the previous mentioned wipe.
ALSO REMEMBER you are effectively halving the quality of your picture and although it may not look like it when you copy a tape with this effect applied you will notice the difference! So use it sparingly on GOOD quality parts of your picture.Anyone making live videos of bands(as I do) will LOVE this feature!