Matias to debut OS X keyboard

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Matias to debut OS X keyboard

TORONTO, Canada, January 5, 2005 -- Sporting an extra Control key, plus
features inherited from its higher-end sibling (the Tactile Pro), Matias
today announced its OS X Keyboard.

"We wanted to offer some of the unique features of the Tactile Pro, but at a
much lower cost. At $39.95, the OS X Keyboard does that and more, for less
than half the price," said Vesna Vojnic, Marketing Manager for Matias.

"For example, we added an extra Control key, and it solves a lot of
problems," said Vojnic. "Most Macs have one-button mice. Many users don't
realize that Control-Click does the same thing as having a 2nd mouse button.
With OS X based on Unix, a lot of new Mac users are accustomed to having
Control where Caps Lock normally is, so they can press it faster.
Repositioning Caps Lock also makes it harder to hit by accident. We think a
lot of users will appreciate these improvements."

Like the Tactile Pro, the OS X Keyboard has all of the Option and
Shift-Option symbols printed on the keys, making it much easier to type €
£ and others.

Unlike the Tactile Pro, the OS X Keyboard uses rubber dome key switches, for
quieter operation and tactile response.

The OS X Keyboard will make its debut next week, at Macworld Expo in San

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Matias is a computer accessories company based in Toronto, Canada. Its
reputation for progressive design began in 2000 with the debut of its
futuristic Half Keyboard. In 2003, Matias brought quality back to the Mac
keyboard market with the release of the Tactile Pro, a modern USB keyboard
built from premium Alps mechanical keyswitches.