Mercalli claims to work on CMOS jello

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tom hardwick
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My little Extreme cam suffers fro CMOS jello to a marked extent.  If I clamp it to my bike's handlebars I expect the vibration to be pretty severe at times so I give it the Mercalli 2 treatment.  This works wonders on the stabilisation front, but I can't find a way to make it take out the jello (isn't that just the American word for jelly?) effect.
I've checked on Mercalli's website and they claim that it removes the skewed verticals a quick pan brings (correct) but as far as I can see leaves the jello (whereby objects appear to vary in height frame by frame) intact, even though they claim otherwise.
In fact once the image has been stabilised the jello becomes even more obvious, and at times I've removed the stabilisation to hide the jello.
Alan Roberts
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Re: Mercalli claims to work on CMOS jello
That sounds right to me.
Looking for sloping lines (the results of a fast pan, or of something moving fast horizontally) and making them vertical is one thing, but detecting changes of scale within the frame is another ball-game altogether. And, I agree that leaving the slopes and wobbles helps to cover up the real nasty, that internal scale changes.

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Re: Mercalli claims to work on CMOS jello
There's only a certain amount you can process out.  Rolling shutter artifacts can destroy a lot of picture information.  Mercalli V2 will fix it up somewhat, but don't expect it to restore a lot of lost detail.