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When I preview my project in monitor window I see my video divided into many squares, but on external monitor is everything all right. It is strange that sometimes it is normal and sometimes not. For example yesterday it was fine, but today it is not.
I think that I haven t changed any settings. I have a Win 2000 system and
Thanks for your help.


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Yes, it is strange that the problem is intermittent. Problems with display quality on the VGA monitor are usually caused by the graphics card and/or its settings.
Please note that the minimum requirements for AV state that a 'AGP Graphic card with linear Framebuffer and DirectX driver for previews' is recommended.
The graphics card should have its latest drivers installed (you can get these from the manufacturers website) and the display should be set to 1024x768, true colour. Those are the optimal settings for good quality preview on-screen.

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