MX350 - which printer ?

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Jim Blacklock
Joined: Apr 29 2001

Sounds like a strange subject for a digital camera forum but I only want to carry one camera and I want to take stills from tape as I feel. with my limited photography skills, I get more natural photos that way. So, have upgraded my video camera to an MX350 & now need to upgrade the printer. Narrowed the decision down to the Canon S900 & Epson 950. Most likely will print no bigger than 7x5. Which should I go for for the best prints ?

Alan Roberts at work
Joined: May 6 1999

Which would you prefer? They're about equivalent, it's mostly a matter of personal taste once you've eliminated the competition.

Stuart B-M
Joined: Apr 6 2001

Dear Jim,

What are your needs ?
The Epson without a shadow of a doubt has many more options.... (if you need to use them ?)

Is it just for Photo's only ?
If you can afford or desire a printer "just" for Photo's...
A Dye sublimation printer may even be worth considering...
You can get an Olympus 200 for around £120 or the bigger P400 for £450 (6x4)(8x10 "Just under")

Printing cartridges cost more for the above and are dedicated photo only, but are superb quality.

Both can be used without connection to PC, and in the case of the P400 even has a small preview window.

If however you require the versatility of an "all round" printer, IMHO i would personally go for the Epson 950.

Kindest regards.