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Finally got round to putting together a website. It's very basic. I'm trying to get Google to find it but that's proving difficult unless I type in the website name ie doris media. If I type something like media video south west then nothing!!!!
Please take a look.

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Re: My website - Finally
Hi tilski
This code should give you a clue, view source on a few websites and you my find examples
</title><meta name="keywords" content=
More here
You should be able to add the required text editing your index file with notepad
I hope that helps
Good luck

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Gavin Gration
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Re: My website - Finally
I'm no expert but......
Before you do anything else get rid of all those graphics and put some REAL WORDS on your site. I'm fairly certain that Alt TEXT alone probably isn't good enough.
There is no address on your contact page - apart from the fact that it makes any site seem a bit dodgy (and illegal) it doesn't give any definitive geographical data for Local Search.
Are you on Google Places/Maps/Yell/Scoot etc?
Have you submitted site maps to search engines?
It does take time to get onto search engines and even more time to build a decent ranking.
Google say content is king. If you have engaging relevant content, blog posts, photos, video, social networking etc in addition to inbound links and a well designed site then you should get a decent chance of being found. New or redesigned sites do take time to get established on organic search results.
You will still find plenty of examples of poor sites doing better than good sites in search because of legacy PR/blackhat SEO tricks but Google are working on this (they say).
It can be frustrating but provided you do the right things you will be found on Google...eventually.
Runaround Who
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Re: My website - Finally
Some good advice from Gavin. I NEVER buy from any site if there is no address listed. Look at your Google Analytics regularly and that should tell you how certain pages are doing. Changing content - even slightly - helps too. Watching life and filming the best bits ...

Alan Roberts
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Re: My website - Finally
I'm with you there, not giving a way to get in contact is a guaranteed turnoff.

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Camera settings documents are held by Daniel Browning and at the EBU
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Re: My website - Finally
Google will never rank a site which has no text content.
You should never use text burned into images, always do it properly with real text written in HTML, google needs to be able to read the text to know what your site is about and place you in the rankings, at the moment googles computers cannot read any of your text as it's burnt into images.
Also ensure the front page has meaningful text about your business, this is again important for google ranking as well as for humans who will want to know about your services without clicking on any links.

You can contact me at
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Runaround Who
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Re: My website - Finally
Without meaning to sound horrid I wouldn't buy from anyone writing in yellow font and I have no idea why! Is it just me and is there any research on colours to use in websites? Watching life and filming the best bits ...