Need help with Sony TRV20E

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I am unable to access the menu option, the menu button is doing nothing but when I hit any of the vcr functions i.e. play, stop, pause or even hit the ir link or ae button the menu appears on the screen but i am unable to scroll down or change any settings. This started happening after i tried to capture an analog movie from a handycam through my cam to a firewire drive using Premiere 6. I have hit the reset button which has had no affect. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I dont fancy sending it away to Sony and waiting on it

Bob Aldis
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Sorry I cant help you with your problem, but I have the same model and would like to hear the outcome. I am new and when I go onto the site I get a list of subjects. Misc Questions is not one of them. I found your question by looking at todays active subjects and when I needed to return to it I had to use the search.Is this why you have not had a reply

Bob Aldis

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sony trv20e - help needed

:) I asked if they make Memory Sticks for this old model
where i can also record and not just take pictures
becouse my camera is broken and it dosen't record on
tapes anymore, and you said to emeil you.
Do you know anything about it ? Can i find a memory
stick that will feet my Camera ?

David L Lewis
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I would think these are the same sort of memeory sticks that are used in the TRV30.

and Can Be obtined from somewhere like amazon

however you are not going to be able to record full quality .AVI video onto the memory stick only Mpeg

David L Lewis

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Page 131 onwards of the Sony TRV20 manual explains about memory stick. Supplied with the cam was 4MB. Don't think sizes have changed. Todays memory stick should still be OK.
I do not understand the use of Premiere with the camera. See PM