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I am looking to purchase a new laptop but i am a little uncertain as there is so much out there and i want to make sure i get the right spec at the right price.  We have been been customers of DVC in the past and they have been very good to date but i just wanted to make sure what they are offering is a good deal. 
I am currently running Edius 5.51 and i'm looking to upgrade to 6.5.  The system i have seen has the following specs....
P170EM (1.5GB GTX 670m) Optimus 17.3" Sandybridge Laptop 1920x1080 Screen. Space for 2 HDs and 1 Optical drive. Firewire, 1x USB2 & 3x USB3, 1x eSATA, Gbit LAN, Built in card reader, DVI & HDMI outputs
Intel® Core i7-3820QM Quad Core Mobile Processor (2.70GHz) 6MB Cache

16GB (4x4GB SODIMMS) 1333 RAM

750GB 7200RPM notebook drive

750GB 7200RPM notebook drive

Blu-ray writer

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit -NB Windows Home can only use 16GB RAM, for system with 32GB RAM use Windows 7 Pro.

EDIUS 6 full version


I think i can get a couple of hundred off that price as i already have Edius 5.51 so it should just be an upgrade price.
What do you think of this?  Is it a decent spec and what other alternatives are there for a good place to purchase it (that provide good aftercare)?
Any links, help is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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Re: New Laptop
I looked at that one when I needed a new laptop. But I didn't get it:
Too heavy for me to lug around.
Power supply bigger than I'm happy with.
Although you can get the extra HDD in it, the overall weight gets a bit excessive.
So, I went for a HP, which DVC got for me though Holdan and customised a little. It's the EliteBook 8560p, 2.8GHz quad core, USB3 mother board (2 USB3 sockets, 2 USB 2) which means I can capture uncpmpressed HDTV via Black Magic Ulttrascope. The screen is 15.6" 1920x1080, and it runs for over 87 hours on the big battery (which is still only 100WH, and not as big as the one on my previous DVC-sourced Clevo 17".
I'm running Edius 6 on it, and it goes like a whippet, although not quite as fast as my 8-core tower, which is kept just for video.
And it has eSATA connection so it can run extra external HDDs a full speed.
I'm very happy with it, and because it's a little smaller and a lot lighter, it fits in a standard-sized back-pack for when I have to go about with it.

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Re: New Laptop
It's being sold at about a grand (if you can find one) - we got ours from a local Comet who price matched Tesco:
Note: Tesco have the spec slightly wrong (it should say 8GB RAM for that model number).
Note 2: We found at least one forum where members ordered from Tesco ... who then actually supplied completely different spec Vaio laptops (i.e. rubbish).
This is the third Vaio model we've bought in recent years (the other two are still in daily use). We push them very hard with CS5 - multi-cam editing, chroma-keying jobs and all sorts of encoding tasks.
It doesn't have eSATA on this one but USB3.0 is fast and convenient. Firewire is present (which we still need).
The ONLY issue we've ever had with them is battery life. All our Vaio's have been the same - they do like to be given a full charge the night before going on a jolly or the battery life sucks. If you're on mains or a decent inverter it's not an issue.
I did seriously consider getting a DVC unit. Their offerings are "the right machine for the job" and you get support if you need it. The Vaio won it this time on sheer VFM.
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Re: New Laptop
Thanks for the advice, we are going to give DVC a call tomorrow and see what sort of a deal they can come up with. (the Sony is very tempting though!!) smiley