New machine, using onboard HD Graphics

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Joined: Jun 16 2006

My old P4 is now really on it's last legs, so time to replace it. I have a quad core, with a Matrox video card, that I currently use for my video editing, so I decided to go out on a limb a bit, and go for a new machine without either a video or an audio card.

Went for the set up listed here and (so far!) have been very pleased with the results.

Absolutely flies as a machine, and the onboard HD graphics and audio both seem excellent. The SSD as a cache drive is also very impressive.

Never thought I'd be building a machine to be used for video editing, that didn't have a video card......although I could still add one if I needed to.

My first time with Windows 7 as well. I decided I'd take a chance by not going for the expensive Pro version, in the hope that most of my old XP programs would work anyway. And so far they have. Even managed to get my old trusty version of Cool Edit pro2 from 2002 to install and work on windows 7. I didn't think that was very likely....

Makes the whole exercise pretty cost effective too... I'm very impressed!