NOT - my best work - the topic for great ideas that didn't quite work.

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I thought it would be interesting to see if we could gain something from ideas that didn't work - perhaps to show others how not to do things. I found this clip while having a tidy up. It was labelled Magic Bullet test - but when I played it, the clip was of a great idea that had a load of problems attached.
Basically - the idea was the usual pantomime car chase - a fairly common gag where the characters sit in a car on stage, in front of a screen and we see them driving through the host town or city, but cut in with roller coaster rides and maybe even the odd trip to boots, where the screen is slit where the image of the door frame is, and the dame, or whoever can get out of the car, and walk into the screen - you get the idea. The director said wouldn't it be good if we could have the car end up on a runway and follow an aeroplane. So a friendly flying school were approached and we tried to chase a Cessna, which they told us was the slowest plane they actually had on the airfield. The camera was attached to the chase vehicle, in the same manner we'd shot the rest of the material, but what we hadn't expected was the aircraft could accelerate so fast we'd be left behind so quickly, and the runway would be so full of potholes - the previous owner being the USAAF in World War 2!
So excuse the weird Magic Bullet look, and watch the wobble. If you see anything just at the left hand edge of frame, this was the B camera on a sticky pod lose the matt box flat at about 70mph! 
We did manage to get a usable take after swapping the 4x4 for a peugeot 307, which had soft suspension and a bit more acceleration. It's quite odd having a radio and having to have a flashing light on the roof, but it does make you appreciate how bump free modern roads actually are. 


So has anyone else had a great idea that was obviously going to work, that just didn't?