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not sure if many people buy this magazine but, I only started buying it about 5 or 6 months ago even though I have been picking up camera magazines for many years. I find myself inspired to try and take my photography to another level due to the images that I see in this mag, there are loads of stunning landscape, travel and wildlife photo's within it, not sure about the product reviews that it provides but I have learned to be very skeptical of most product reviews done by magazines/websites these days due to my own very different experiences with some of these products.

For anyone interested in Landscape, travel and wildlife photography and you haven't bought this magazine before, I suggest that you give it a try, I have certainly been pleasantly surprised by it, probably because I am such a crap photographer that is easily impressed.

BTW. I have no links with this magazine, except that I buy it

Cheers John

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Yes, I would like to second your nomination on this Magazine, it makes good bedtime reading with contributions from lots different contributors, both amateur and professional photographers.

They have a good range of editorials, with some fantastic pictures of landscapes and seascapes etc.

Jim Bird